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Coupling External Thread 1/2"-3/4"



European Series

Fire Hose Connector

  • Commodity name: Coupling External Thread 1/2"-3/4"
  • Commodity ID: JY-B9418E
  • Description: Coupling External Thread 1/2"-1/2" Coupling External Thread 3/4"-3/4"
  • Material: Body:Brass
  • Feature: ★Heavy-duty brass construction with rust proof, Easy to connect . ★Double Male Kit was made with precision process ★Easy to use and reliable, Very convenient to install with 1/2" or 3/4" inch garden hose connecter
  • Application: Fitting in All Garden Hose, Watering Devices

Coupling External Thread 1/2"-3/4"



3/4" Female To 3/4" Female Quick Hose Connector with Rubber


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