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4 Piece Hose Coupling Set



  • Commodity name: 4 Piece Hose Coupling Set
  • Commodity ID: GS-007
  • Description: Consisting of: • 3/4”Male Brass Quick Hose Connector • 3/4”Female Brass Quick Hose Connector with Water Stop • 3/4"Brass Female Adaptor • 3/4"Brass Male Adaptor
  • Material: Body:Brass
  • Feature: ★Good quality provides one-handed operation and a tight, easy and secure fit connection and disconnection without leak. ★garden hose quick connectors were made of high-quality heavy-duty solid brass and the washers were made of rubber with excellent leak-proof feature.
  • Application: Fitting in garden hose end, water nozzle, faucets, spigot, lawn sprinklers, hose bibs, watering device pressure washer and other watering garden accessory

4 Piece Hose Coupling Set






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