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4 Piece Hose Coupling Set 3/4"



  • Commodity name: 4 Piece Hose Coupling Set 3/4"
  • Commodity ID: GS-004
  • Description: Consisting of: • Adjustable Spray Nozzle • 1"Brass Male Adaptor • 3/4"Brass Hose Quick Connector with Water STOP • 3/4"Brass Hose Quick Connector
  • Material: Body:Brass
  • Feature: ★Solid Brass Construction,resists damage, stands up to abuse for reliable operation to last a lifetime. ★Hose adapter provides a tight, secure fit, no-Leak connection. ★Easy to connect and disconnect that don't require pliers so anyone can operate without hurting their hands.
  • Application: Fitting in Patio, Lawn & Garden

4 Piece Hose Coupling Set 3/4"



2 Piece Brass Nozzle Set


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